Basic music school


Our school offers artistic education in music, dance, creative art and drama.

We thrive to offer our pupils joy- our aim is not only to bring up great musicians, dancers, actors and artists but also to teach children to love and enjoy music that will accompany them throughout their lives.


In our school, we have only highly qualified teachers who are able to work patiently with children whose Muse is only awakening inside of them.

The government guarantees the high quality in our school.

Are you interested to see how you can learn to play an instrument or to sing and dance? How can our pupils perform in the theatre or sing in a real musical show or create pretty ceramics? How to incorporate modern technique into the lectures? Would you like to learn more about possibilities to study at our school? Come to visit us and experience the lecture yourself. We will make this possible for you after prior arrangement.


To apply to our school, there is no special preparation necessary. We will only establish the basic talents and skills of your children.

Your child will be asked to sing a simple song, to repeat the tone played by the teacher and clap a rhythm. In the event of interest in creative arts, their own pictures should be brought.

In dancing classes, they should try to follow music and express music through movement and in drama lectures to perform a short text or rhymed poem learned by heart.

The studies in our school are intentioned for children 6 years old and older.




Piano, classical and musical singing techniques, recorders and flutes, oboe, clarinet, saxophones, trumpet, trombone, French horn, tube, violin, cello, viola da gamba, bass, guitar, electric and bass guitar, accordion, dulcimer, keyboards and percussions.


The studies in the music department are based on individual lectures.

In each lecture, the teacher dedicates the time to one child at a time.

The individual approach is combined with team teaching in other subjects (music theory, chamber and orchestra playing, dulcimer group and choir singing).

This kind of approach is unique in the world as well as in the Czech republic.

The students can play together in one of the many bands (a baroque orchestra, chamber music, group of recorders, accordion group, chamber choir and Big Band)




In this department, creative art education is offered to children 6 years old and older.

Pupils acquire basic education in art and practical skills and special techniques like drawing, painting, graphics, modelling and other creativity.

During these subjects, there is an emphasis on children’s own imagination and playfulness.

The artistic creations of our pupils decorate not only our school’s interiors but also the important city buildings within Brno.




We aim to improve and progress the children’s talent of movement and awake their sense for harmonic and cultivated, esthetical and creative feelings.

All children are also taught good habits and a healthy posture.

All techniques are gradually introduced- classical, folk and modern dancing can be joined together in theatre, musicals and other projects.




During the lectures, it is aimed to advance children’s speech, fantasy, esthetical sense and also movement and acting talents.

The pupils get a chance to work with a puppet in smaller projects and take part in bigger projects like musicals and dramas.

All of this can be performed in our own theatre with all necessary equipment and modern technology of its own kind in Brno.




This is a brand new and very attractive department, where students can learn the basic work with digital sound and picture technique.

With time, pupils can learn how to create and make their own music piece, reportage, music video, scenic music and sound for theatre or film.

Pupils have the opportunity to work with brilliant technologies, visit a music studio, radio and dubbing and TV studios at home and abroad.

This department cooperates with other departments in our school and that allows our pupils to join different attributes into interesting projects.

This department is suitable for children 13 years old and older.


We support our very talented students in preparation for secondary and university education in arts.

Our students perform at concerts, competitions, exhibitions and other events not only in the Czech republic but also abroad.

Special mention should go to our cooperation in organizing prestigious international piano competition AMADEUS in which our pupils continuously achieve wonderful success.


It is also important to mention the original musical productions that our school have performed in the past into which we incorporated all departments of our school. The names are: The Path, Atlantida and Baron Prášil.


You will find our school on the crossroads of Veveří-Tábor-Minská-Mučednická.

It can be found by the tram stop Tábor (tram no.3 and 11 going towards Bystrc).